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5 Tips For When You Are Getting Your First Tattoo

5 Tips for when you are about to get your first Tattoo. It’s important to prepare yourself for your first tattoo.

Connor McGregors Tattoos

Connor McGregors Tattoos are pretty dope.

David Hasselhoff Face Tattoo

Just because this is the HOFF, I’m going to label this as “DOPE”. And why would I label a tattoo of David Hasselhoff’s face DOPE? Have you heard the man sing? He’s famous in sweden! David Hasselhoff’s hit song “Jump In My car” full of hot euros.

Golden Girls Tattoo

I had to post this. I don’t care what anyone says – it’s tres dope. It’s dope because the actual artwork sucks. Dope Golden Girls Tattoo on Mount Rushmore.

Channing Tatum Tattoos

There’s tons of pictures out there of Channing Tatum having multiple tattoos. But according to he only has one. A matching tattoo that his wife has as well.

Juice Sons Of Anarchy Head Tattoo

    Most of you know Juice from Sons Of Anarchy’s head tattoo isn’t real… They did a really good job with make up though. Looks legit!

Scarface Tattoo

Scarface (Al Pacino) Tattoo

Kat Von D

Thought this was a dope picture of Kat Von D

Anna Kournikova has a Tramp Stamp

Yup. Enough said.

Interview: Sash Suicide (Of Suicide Girls)

I recently had the opportunity to interview one of’s models; Sash Suicide. If you aren’t aware of it is an adult oriented modeling subscription site. It has been around for quite some time, and was one of the first major websites on the internet to focus on alternative lifestyle, primarily models with tattoos. […]