March 18, 2020

ipukekawaii Shoppe Gal Tattoo Talk #3 | Getting MY First Tattoo

Hi! I’m Imani K Brown, the DC area’s most prominent black female tattoo artist, hanging out here, sharing my story and helping you connect with YOUR inner peace … YES! Through tattoo ~

Ever wonder about the HEALING qualities of TATTOO?!
HOW to get the EMPOWERING tattoo experience you deserve.
Or maybe you have ideas and want to toss them around. Well. That’s what I’m here for!

16 years and tattoo helped (& continues) to help me with better positive body image practices, making peace with my inner self and overall appreciating the skin I’m in.

TODAY, in my tattoo practice, I do 3 important things:
1. I help people tell unique stories on skin
2. I help people reconnect with themselves & LOVE the skin that they’re in ^.^
3. I help by sharing my own tattoo journey as an example, when relatable.

And this is HIGH KEY relatable ~

So why would I NOT tell people how I help them make peace with their inner self through tattoo, become more confident & LOVE the skin that they’re in, again?!

Let’s Create Together =^.^=

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