May 23, 2013

NY Company Pays Employees To Get Tattooed




An American company is offering to make a marked difference to employees’ pay packets – in exchange for a marking on their bodies.

New York based Rapid Realty is giving a 15 percent salary bump to any of its 800 workers who get a tattoo of the company’s logo. It can be any size and in any location.

“My wife was a little concerned, but I said, you know what? it was the best commitment I could think of,” one employee said as he left a tattoo parlour.

Referring to the extra money, another said: “I had a pay cheque coming in that was a substantially different amount, so that was nice.”

However, not everyone is impressed by the offer.

“Absolutely not. What would the pay rise be? It would have to be extraordinary,” said one New Yorker.

It is believed at least 40 employees at Rapid Realty have taken up the personal branding offer.

Tattooing logos onto bodies is not a new concept – the phenomenon is called Skinvertising.

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