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Best Gun Tattoos

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35 Awesome Gun Tattoo Designs | Cuded

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Tattoos For Men: Gun tattoos for Men 2020|Tattoo

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spider roundup – A girl and a glue gun

I have a whole roundup devoted to black cats. and another one devoted to googly eyes…so a spider one is just the next step right!? Grab those fake plastic spiders and create some Halloween magic!¬† fun spider ice Wreath cool spider tattoos¬† Treat card Kid spider web craft amazing spider magnets super cool spider crown […]

Getting My First Tattoo! (The Deathly Hallows)

Me in the process of getting my first ink/tattoo!:) The only way I can think of describing the pain is like a constant bee sting. It hurt most in the center of the tattoo as it’s extremely close to my spine. It has a deep meaning to me, so if you think it’s dumb, don’t […]