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100 Joker Tattoos For Men

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The Joker is one of the most iconic villains of the comic world, and he has been represented in some exceptionally jarring and provocative works. Heath Ledger instantly pops into mind for many people who claim he played the definitive Joker, but Mark Hamill’s interpretation from the animated DC universe might be the most well-known example.

He is singularly crazy and ingenious, and his antics have been labeled hilarious to homicidal.

People who feel akin with the core nature of the Joker tend to seek tattoos of that painted face. His nature is mischievous and playful, yet also serious and sinister. The image of the Joker reminds many people of what happens when evil is allowed to flourish inside a madman, but his persona is so twisted that many people find solace in his craziness.

The tattoos tend to be cyclically popular in relation to the popularity of the Batman brand, but there are always people who connect with the Joker.

The Joker represents a rebellious nature that can’t be controlled by anyone. He is a symbol for chaos and anarchy itself, and those who are attracted to those ideas associate with the Joker on a personal level, so they feel the need to express that association.

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