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100 Sacred Heart Tattoos For Men

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The Sacred Heart is one of the most popular images in Christianity, and many religious followers choose to have the image affixed to their body by way of a tattoo so they can have a constant reminder of its importance to them.

The Sacred Heart represents Jesus Christ’s undying love for mankind, and it has been circulated for generations.

There are a number of different design basics that the Sacred Heart can employ. There is always a heart of some sort at the center of the piece, and a secondary image complements the heart with a Christ theme. The secondary image might be angel wings, a halo, a cross, or anything else that expresses the idea of Christ. A Sacred Heart tattoo represents the wearers devotion to the church and to Jesus.

Some images of the Sacred Heart include thorns wrapping around the heart, which is also adorned with a crown of some sort. These more ornate Sacred Heart designs are common amongst tattooists, who typically prefer something with a bit more flash than the most basic or dull version of an image.

The Sacred Heart isn’t exactly mainstream, which means a tattoo artist can create it from scratch if necessary.

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