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20 Postage Stamp Tattoos For Men

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What sits in the corner and travels around the world? Obviously it’s a postage stamp. People who get postage stamp tattoos are committed travelers.

They don’t hit the all inclusive resorts in Cancun every February or book cruises as exotic getaways.

These intrepid folk seek out the road less traveled. They live out of a backpack for weeks or months at a time, taking nothing more than a few changes of clothing, a toothbrush and a harmonica.

They say good souls travel far. “Theirs’ is that of the gypsy blood,” writes Robert Service, “and they roam the world at will.” Why would you go the distance, some may ask, why experience new cultures, and meet new people? These are the people who get couch tattoos instead of postage stamps. Their curiosity is easily sated, and they’re content to know that the people around them and their own culture are just fine. You don’t believe this. You feeling a burning itch every time you stay in one place for too long. You’ve got to get out and experience something new or you might just tear out hanks of hair out of sheer boredom.

If you’ve been around the world, you know you can’t get a tattoo for every place you’ve been—you don’t have enough surface area on your skin for that. A postage stamp tattoo is the perfect reminder of the miles you’ve walked, the leagues you’ve sailed, and the borders you’ve crossed.

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