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30 Agape Tattoos For Men

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In short, agape, or in ancient Greek: ?????, agáp?, means the highest form of love, charity; the love of God for man and of man for God.

Agape is a Koine Greek word meaning “love.” The word can be found in Christian theology as well, with many devout followers of the faith adopting the agape tattoo to show their devotion.

In the Christian faith, agape means more than just love, but the love that God has for all of humanity, which is essentially different from eros or philia, the more human–and thus flawed–facets of adoration.

Agape represents the higher, unconditional love of God, which many believe to be the purest form. Agape tattoos signify the wearer’s connection with the divine and self-sacrificing, a reminder that we are all protected by God, and that we are each loved unconditionally.

Agape tattoos may be worn anywhere on the body, though usually people choose to place it where they can frequently see it, thus deriving strength and comfort throughout the day. It’s common to see the tattoo written in traditional Greek or even Hebrew, a sure sign that we are all children of a higher power, a vessels of infinite love.

Whether you chose to ink this message of love in understated black and white on an inconspicuous part of your body or prefer to wear it with boldly colored confidence, the difference this one word can make in your life will no doubt do the same for others.

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