Tattoos For Men: 30 Ambition Tattoos For Men

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30 Ambition Tattoos For Men

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Ambition is an impressive, persuasive, compelling word, making it a top choice as a single-word manifesto tattoo.

Ambition evokes the image of someone who is determined to succeed, who puts forth the effort to make it happen, and as such, becomes the envy of his fellow man.

Ambition is an innate quality, and if you have it, there is nothing to be ashamed of with showing it off. If you don’t have it instinctively, choosing to make it a tattoo that you see often can be an important, personal motivator to continually strive for your ambitious goals.

The beauty and simplicity of using the word “ambition” for a tattoo is that your creativity is what will drive the final product. Size is no limiting factor when designing an “ambition” tattoo, any style of calligraphy can work well with this word, and placement can be anything from loud-and-proud on your chest or arm, to subtly and skillfully hidden along your ankle or inner wrist. For added panache, the word ambition can be incorporated into a number of other tattoo designs. One idea is to link the word itself to a visual representation of your inner ambition.

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