Tattoos For Men: 30 Best Dragon Tattoos for Men

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30 Best Dragon Tattoos for Men

– What Dragon Tattoos Mean and Why Men Are So Obsessed About Them
Dragons are some of the most mythical creatures known to man and almost every culture in the world hold their unique legend about them. They could be known as deadly or dangerous, powerful, mighty and some of these cultures even believe they bring luck or fortune and they have deep respect for them. The name dragon was derived from “derkein” a Greek word meaning sharp-sighted one, and later it was converted to Latin, Draco, or giant snake.

For this reasons, people have turned to dragon tattoos with the larger popularity being men. There are several designs like the tribal dragon tattoos, Celtic tattoos and Asian dragon tattoos being the most used. Actually, in the case of body art, dragon tattoo designs are the most popular among men.

What dragon tattoos mean to men

Now, a dragon tattoo on a man simply signifies power, raw power. Just like the dragons, men like to think themselves as the protectors or the guardians of the important things in their lives like women, children or just objects that hold great wealth. The men who get dragons tattoos like to view themselves feared for their power and at the same time being revered for the wisdom they hold.

So what is with the sudden interest?

Actually, the interest might not be all that sudden, men have always viewed dragons as archetypal type for tattoos. Dragon tattoo artists have also taken the art to a completely new level, they are transforming traditional dragon tattoos, giving them art styled edges that bring out owe and appreciation. When a man want to get a dragon tattoo, it is best to learn about their history, all different kinds, to determine the one they prefer.

Body art has become a way for both men and women to express themselves and their personal style and the personality determines the type of tattoo a person ought to get. To feel brave and fierce, dragon tattoos are a wise choice for men and honestly, those tattoos really suit men. Of course, they also make women feel seductive and some women are taking on the challenge.

Whether one is attracted to their history or simply has a fantasy, a dragon tattoo can reveal some true aspects of a man’s character or serve as a warning to the people who cross them. Whether a man chooses to get a Celtic, Asian, a solid black tribal tattoo, or one of the many designs, a dragon tattoo is bound to make a powerful statement.

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