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30 Best Shoulder Tattoos for Men

– Shoulder Tattoos for Men

Shoulder tattoos are emerging as probably the most popular piece of skin art. The shoulder provides a lot of space to work on, thus, impressionable with a variety of intricate tattoo designs that may be shown off or covered according to the situation.
Shoulder tattoos are generally placed in two areas: the area just over the scapula on the upper back popularly called the ‘shoulder blade’ and the front of the shoulder just above the chest.
So, why do people actually put tattoos on their shoulders? There are a couple reasons why men may choose to put a tattoo on their shoulders. The reasons include…

– Visibility

A tattoo on the shoulder is both concealable and visible. You do not need to be half-naked to display your tattoos- you can showcase them while in the gym or when you are on the beach. If it happens you work in a stringent work environment (especially following the corporate world stereotype against tattoos), you can conceal the tattoo with either a half sleeve or full sleeve shirt.

– Flexibility

This is another important reason to have a tattoo on the shoulder rather than any other place of the body. If required, a shoulder tattoo can always be extended

– Symbolism

Tattoos convey a lot of messages. They evoke- to those who can decrypt their meaning- many thoughts, memories and etc. The meaning of any particular tattoo is associated with which side of the body it is placed on. Tattoos on the left side of the body, for instance, symbolize something that means so much to the wearer; that is because the heart is on the left side of the body. Therefore, if you are trying to subtly communicate something through a tattoo, placement is of prominent importance as is the design. The shoulder is the most appropriate to design a symbolism-laden tattoo.

Ideas for Shoulder Tattoos

If you decide to wear a shoulder tattoo, and depending on the message you want to convey, here are some assorted tattoo ideas:
1. Fairies
5.Favorites quotes, verses or lyrics
6. Animal designs covering the shoulder blade- for example, a crouching tiger or lion
7.Flowers blossoming from the shoulder
8. Zodiac signs

Don’t impulsively decide to introduce a tattoo on your shoulders. Take your time and think of something creative and deeply evocative to use. A shoulder tattoo is meant to be seen by other people, so, people can judge you thereby if they misinterpret the meaning of your tattoo. Put something thoughtful and respectful. For any reason, whether for just aesthetics or deep symbolism, let the art cohere with your personality.

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