Tattoos For Men: 30 Chrysler Building Tattoos For Men

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30 Chrysler Building Tattoos For Men

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Martin Filler once commented on the Chrysler Building: “The magnificent lobby of the Chrysler Building–faced with rare marbles, aglitter with decorative metalwork, and surmounted by a ceiling painted with a totemic image of the tower itself–leads to elevator cabs inlaid with exotic woods in fanciful patterns.

The entire route from street to office is invested with ceremony, dignity, and delight.” Nothing could be truer of the iconic New York building, and the Chrysler tattoo carries a similar symbolism.

The Chrysler building represents everything that makes New York great. A seamless marriage of mind and material, inspiration and innovation, the Chrysler tattoo evokes similar sentiments towards the man who wears its likeness on his skin. This is a monument to greatness and power, and to the steely resolve of the men who raised New York into the empire it is today. Your Chrysler Building tattoo is your message to the world that your ambition is limitless and resolve unshakable.

From the majestic eagles guarding the edifice from their 61st floor perch to the stately entrance, the Chrysler Building is a monument to old world splendor and new world values. You don’t have to be a billionaire tycoon to embody the same principle that forged its creation, but your Chrysler tattoo will certainly suggest otherwise.

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