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30 Dive Flag Tattoos For Men

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The world of the diver is fathoms below and apart from our own; his territory is that of the uncharted and exhilarating.

His true realm is the sea, though he reluctantly makes his home on land. For the diver there are few symbols as powerful as the diving flag, be it the North American red & white or international blue & white.

A message to those above water that a diver is below and to thus proceed with caution, the diving flag is in many ways as personal as one’s flag of origin.

Diving flag tattoos have been glimpsed on more than a few shoulders, backs, and arms, and are the unofficial mark of the man who abhors both the literal and metaphorical shallows. The diving soul seeks new sensations and discoveries, and is not content with mere earthly matters; his diving flag is the signal to his fellow deep-sea spirits to join him in the depths.

Many who wear the diving flag incorporate particular sea life or personalized totems, and some who have survived disasters at sea depict their flags in near shreds or, more terrifying still, shark bites. Regardless of the design ideas you choose, your diving flag tells your tale in few words and the richest of imagery.

The undersea scape may be foreign terrain for most, but for the diver it is a welcome return time and again. Here is no place for arrogance or entitlement; humility and a sense of wonder are the diver’s intuitive tools. However deep you submerge yourself, your diving flag tattoo will accompany you to the furthest reaches and back.

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