Tattoos For Men: 30 Emoji Tattoos For Men

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30 Emoji Tattoos For Men

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Emojis are the modern hieroglyphs. It only makes sense to memorialize this exciting era of technological advancement and social media with emoji tattoos.

100, underlined. Crying laughing face. Dollar sign. Poop.

Your text messages would be dry without emojis. Your most-used emojis directly reflect your personality, which make them perfect tattoos. They’re small enough to squeeze anywhere on your skin: on your fingers, neck, behind your ears. But they can also be enlarged for effect. A huge emoji tattoo or a whole sleeve of emojis is a novelty that will put all eyes on you.

Emojis are youthful, colorful and fun. As tattoos, they show people that you do not take life too seriously. You’re willing to embrace the ephemeral, to live in the moment. The man with the emoji tattoo is the life of the party, guaranteed.

Now that there are hundreds of emojis to choose from, you’ll surely find at least one that appeals to you. The smooth, simple designs have become a universal language of their own. They convey relatable emotions that can’t really be contained in words. Heart and anchor emoji tattoos are a clever twist on traditional ink.

Emoji tattoos will win laughs in any crowd. They quickly convey your attitude towards life in general. You can use multiple emojis to create puns or sentences without using a single word.

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