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30 Forgiven Tattoos For Men

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Getting tattooed can be an incredibly cathartic experience for many people, with the actual physical process being just as symbolic and important as the art that results. Using ink as therapy, many people may seek redemption or solace in the form of a permanent tribute to overcoming their struggles, staying true to their ideals, or making amends to their loved ones.

Forgiveness and loyalty are common themes in tattooing. A forgiven tattoo, however, with the actual word spelled out in lettering, may specifically symbolize a putting to rest of the wearer’s guilt. Alternately, the word emblazoned in a forgiven tattoo may represent forgiveness the wearer has bestowed upon another. Finally, the word “forgiven” may represent comfort the wearer takes in their religious beliefs.

Since this is primarily a tattoo of a word, the lettering style is very important for both visual and personal reasons. The client and artist should work together to carefully choose a font that stands out but does not overshadow the meaning behind the word itself. Choosing the right artist is always important, but this is especially true for tattoos in which every detail counts, such as lettering.

The word “forgiven” can also be worked into a larger theme, such as a sleeve dedicated to virtue, or perhaps a chest piece dedicated to atoning for shortcomings and embracing new beginnings.

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