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30 Magikarp Tattoos For Men

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Whether Magikarp was one of the first Pokemon you caught when playing Pokemon Go or you just have fond memories of your grade-school Pokemon cards, getting a Magikarp tattoo can be a great way to show your love for Pokemon.

Pokemon tattoos have been rapidly gaining popularity, and for good reason – the eye-catching looks and bright colors of many Pokemon mean that they translate very well to tattoos.

Additionally, because Magikarp is such a recognizable Pokemon, a Magikarp design can be done in any number of artistic styles. Watercolor is an especially stunning finish, and because Magikarp looks somewhat like a koi, you can easily take inspiration from a classic koi tattoo, but just substitute a Magikarp for the koi. And if someone who sees the tattoo is somehow unaware of Pokemon, they can still appreciate the beauty of the tattoo, as Magikarp looks much like a large goldfish or a koi fish.

While choosing a Magikarp tattoo may show that you’re a Pokemon fan, it also can signal optimism, as Magikarp, while it’s a cool Pokemon in its own right, eventually turns into Gyarados, one of the best Pokemon available. Pokemon tattoos can also be a great way to connect with other Pokemon lovers. If you want a balance of aesthetic beauty and symbolism (as well as a nod to the classic koi tattoo), then a Magikarp tattoo is an excellent choice.

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