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40 Anchor Cross Tattoos For Men

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Since man first took to the sea, anchor tattoos have belonged to those whose business was on the water. Sailors, naval officers, fishermen, and lovers of the deep celebrated their nautical commitment through interpretive renderings of the classic ship’s anchor.

These days, however, the anchor tattoo is no longer reserved solely for those whose lives are dedicated to the sea, but rather to a higher power steering us all through troubled waters.

Various members of the biker and rock communities began to adapt the anchor tattoo to fit their lifestyle mantras, while Christian circles also adopted the anchored cross tattoo as an expression of stability and perseverance. Many missionaries began to don small anchor cross tattoos on their wrists, ankles, and other subtle areas to signify their devotion to helping those in need

Interestingly enough, the earliest known renderings of the anchor cross symbol were worn by Christians fleeing Roman persecution; the cross being used as a way to identify fellow devotees.

The anchor cross is a universal symbol for strength and faith, no matter the path you walk. It is the mark of one who recognizes and respects his fellow man, and exercises empathy and selflessness in the face of adversity.

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