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40 Broken Heart Tattoos For Men

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Love is an undeniable force that can often have both positive and negative outcomes, and it isn’t uncommon for men to wish to express those negatives when they arise.

A broken heart is a multi-tiered symbol that not only speaks to the physical pain that one might go through at the lose of a loved one, but also to the greater metaphor of the destruction of the literal mechanism for love.

Broken heart tattoos serve as an excellent reminder of what once was, and they can be stylized in many different ways that can correlate to the individual or the situation. There’s a vast difference between love lost as a result of death and love lost to time or degradation. A broken heart tattoo can be used to showcase either situation, and each is just as meaningful as the other.

The classic heart is perhaps the image most associated with love, trust, and compassion, so the imagery of a broken heart is something that reaches deep within the psyche of man. A broken heart has this strange sense of finality, as if nothing could possibly repair what has already been destroyed. The idea that a tattoo can be used to act as a visual reminder of that pain and loss only goes to show that such remorse is a healthy part of life.

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