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40 Canoe Tattoos For Men

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For all of time, the natural world has fascinated man, and although we now prefer to life inside, we continue to maintain a significant, peculiar relationship with the outdoors.

If you like to spend your free time along the river, drifting along in your canoe, you’ve already found the perfect candidate for your next tattoo.

Canoes represent many aspects of what men love about the outdoors. They bring us to memories of the adventures we have had on white water, and they continue to remind us of the thrill it can be to face our fears when we are on an adventure.

They can also make us reminisce of days when we were young and could spend every weekend camping with our bros. All of these memories can be summed up into that single symbol of the canoe, making it a unique and stunning tattoo.

When choosing the design for your canoe tattoo, you can consider going in more realistic or more artistic directions. Realistic designs tend to include forest imagery with the canoe directly in action. More artistic directions might choose to only include the silhouette of this icon, making a simple and impactful statement.

And better yet? For inspiration, you just might be obliged to take another camping trip with the guys.

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