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40 Magnifying Glass Tattoos For Men

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The truth isn’t always easy to spot, and may very well appear invisible to the naked eye.

The magnifying glass is more than just a forensic tool or scientific accoutrement, but a symbol of dedication to that aforementioned truth by way of diligence and rationale.

Sherlock Holmes isn’t the only man who can’t be without his trusty magnifying glass, and your own magnifying glass tattoo is no doubt of equal importance.

Beautiful to look upon and just as powerful when put to use, the magnifying glass makes for naturally exquisite tattoo art. Wherever it is worn and in whatever manner of reference, there’s no mistaking the magnifying glass tattoo’s message.

You are a man who believes in facts and cold hard evidence when making an evaluation. Regardless of whether it’s a person or situation, you refuse to rely solely on the opinions of others or popular mass assumptions. You are no spectator, but a scholar and man of reason, and no matter how obscure the truth may be, you’re bound to bring it to light. The magnifying glass tattoo all but announces that the truth is indeed out there, and you intend to find it.

Timelessly elegant and just unusual enough to set its wearer apart from the standard tattoo crowd, the magnifying glass is more than just an ink curiosity, but an heirloom piece every bit as fine as Sherlock’s.

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