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40 Martini Glass Tattoos For Men

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“Shaken, not stirred” was the famous cocktail catchphrase of James Bond, thus rendering the martini an iconic image of universal class and discerning taste.

As in demand now as it was a century ago, the martini has come to represent the golden age of prohibition and speakeasy splendor, of sophisticated trysts and jazz hall standards.

Few could mistake the equally iconic martini glass, making it the perfect cocktail tattoo companion. Popularly inked in a subtle, streamlined style, the martini glass tattoo adds the proverbial touch of panache wherever and however its wearer chooses to show it off.

As elegant as it is mouthwatering, the martini glass tattoo reminds us all to make a little room for the finer things in life, to allow ourselves to indulge with abandon from time to time, in the most timeless manner possible. Not every man possess a private home bar, but that doesn’t mean he can’t embrace his love for the drink that the great American writer E.B. White referred to as “the elixir of quietude.”

The martini has a rich and tantalizing history, and the man who pays homage to it in tattoo form no doubt carries a legacy of his own. Here is a man whose seat is permanently reserved at the Rat Pack’s table, who never gets sloppy and always makes sure his partner’s glass is always full. At ease in his own skin, the man of the martini glass tattoo is effortlessly cool and always in style–just don’t ask him if he prefers his shaken or stirred.

If you have to ask, you weren’t meant for the martini life.

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