Tattoos For Men: 40 Neo Traditional Owl Tattoos For Men

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40 Neo Traditional Owl Tattoos For Men

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The owl holds a special place in myth and storytelling, and acts as a powerful spiritual conductor in the nightly realm of the natural world.

Mysterious and stoic, and breathtaking to look upon, the owl has secured its place in our modern world, with an equally modern tattoo rendering.

The neo traditional owl tattoo blends the best of its more classical counterparts with the new perspective of our age, resulting in some of the most celebrated tattoo art in recent years. In much of folklore and dream analysis, the owl represents one’s second sight, an ability to see into the dark to detect the truth. Owls are closely linked to the spirit world, and were once believed to be messengers from the other side.

Those who carry a bond with the owl move with quiet wisdom and extraordinary perception; their ability to size others up in an instant can often be unnerving to those who aren’t used to such scrutiny. The owl may be still and silent, but equally fast when it comes to seizing its prey, a sure warning against those who take it for a simple, docile bird.

The neo traditional owl tattoo belongs to the man who often dwells in the place between light and dark, living and incorporeal. He moves with purpose and does not declare himself or his intentions, but waits for the company of those with similar tendencies.

Empathetic but elusive, the man and his spirit totem are one and the same, their tattoo emblem proof of a connection that goes much deeper than ink.

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