Tattoos For Men: 40 Octopus Chest Tattoos For Men

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40 Octopus Chest Tattoos For Men

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The chest is where your heart is and, to many people, it symbolizes the seat of who you truly are. You want a tattoo that gives true meaning to the beat of your heart, and the octopus chest tattoo can do that for you…

Just as long as the creature truly matches who you are.

Yes, many see a monster when they see an octopus, but there is something bad ass about carrying around a monster on your chest. This is especially true if this monster is right where it belongs.

To many, the creature actually means intelligence and insight. The octopus is also considered a magical creature full of illusion and mystery. This is mostly because the octopus actually has the ability to blend into its surroundings should it sense danger.

It could wait there, hidden in its surroundings, until it is time to hurl towards the threat. No one can deny that this particular ability makes the octopus a formidable threat and a freaking awesome chest tattoo to have.

This tattoo design has the ability to redefine you in the eyes of others. You can tell everyone that you are a calculating person who thinks before he acts. You are the kind of person that cannot be messed with, and you are the type of person with a little mystery inside, which is quite masculine.

Do not deny yourself of this octopus tattoo, and do not be afraid to go wild with the size. The creature is majestic, so your chest can be its ocean where it can roam freely as it should. Make sure you consider all designs before you settle on one.

Remember that the tattoo is a piece of art, meaning that you can always design it in a way that is a little more artistic. You can have bulging muscles coming out of the tentacles of the tattoo or whatever else your wicked mind can think of, just as long as it looks badass and cool.

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