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40 Owl Forearm Tattoos For Men

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The mighty yet mystifying owl often boasts its presence in silence, internationally known as a symbol of wisdom, magic, and protection. Owl forearm tattoos are meant to be seen, and if done right, their powerful colors and meaning can be heard.

Owls are incredibly patient, and they are masters of stealth when opportunity knocks during the evening.

Because of its night vision ability, the owl represents the skill to see through deception, illusion, and dangerous facades. This is one reason why many choose an owl forearm tattoo, for like the owl, they take the time to learn about their world and people they meet before giving them their full trust.

Owls can also impressively turn their heads a total of 270 degrees, which allows them to literally see all of their surroundings. They don’t tend to be an obvious presence, but when they choose to be heard, their chilling hoots unveil their true voice.

Others consider the owl to mean change, for it sleeps through the daytime and spends all its energy waiting, learning, and taking action at night. Wearers of an owl in ink sometimes let it speak for who they are or wish to be as a person, one who listens and learns about the world around them.

Owl forearm tattoos can be geometric, abstract, or realistic in style, depending on how the wearer wants it to be depicted.

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