Tattoos For Men: 40 Side Hand Tattoos For Men

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40 Side Hand Tattoos For Men

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Side hand tattoos are a great option for a man looking to make a memorable and highly visible tattoo statement. Each is reserved for a man with a strong commitment to showing his tattoo in public.

The hands are one of the most dynamic and frequently used parts of the body, and an incredible side hand tattoo will get a tremendous amount of attention.

The greatest benefit of a side hand design is the flexibility to use the edges of the palm for a truly meaningful phrase, word, or image. The area can accommodate words or a tribal design or small image. An abstract design or a phrase can work better than a complicated image for this particular spot on the body. Side hand tattoos are often rendered in black and white, but color can also be incorporated.

The side hand tattoo is also often used by those who want to constantly remind themselves of a key value, message, or person in their lives. The side hand tattoo is uncommon and will set the wearer apart as a man who is not afraid to show what he thinks to the entire world. The side hand tattoo is a small but bold statement that will always be on display to everyone around the wearer. Unlike a shoulder, arm, or leg tattoo that can be easily hidden or covered up, the side hand tattoo will always be a proud and noticeable part of the wearer.

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