Tattoos For Men: 40 Simple Star Tattoos For Men

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40 Simple Star Tattoos For Men

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Simple star tattoos are a fantastic way for newbies to start their body art journey without getting too complicated too soon. Stars are the most flexible and enduring tattoo designs known in the tattooing world, and many generally get them for personal reasons.

Some just want to decorate their body in an unintimidating way, and a star is a relatively fashionable choice for that.

Stars can also symbolize guidance or goals, like when you’re told to “reach for the stars.” They can even stand for marks of important events, a fun design for lovers of astronomy, or a spiritual insignia for religious beliefs.

Stars can be visualized in hundreds of forms and colors, but you can never go wrong with the classic bold black outline of a star or just a solid black one. A simple star tattoo can hold a lot of strength in its meaning for the wearer, and many prefer to keep star tattoos as simple as possible so they limit the design to one single star or small groups of a bunch of stars.

As for placement, star tattoos are one of the most popular designs because they are often small enough to put anywhere. Common areas are the wrists, shoulders, or ankles, but some go for more inconspicuous areas like the back of the shoulders or behind the ear.

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