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40 Tasmanian Devil Tattoos For Men

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The maniacal “Taz” made a dizzying entrance into the classic Warner Bros. world decades ago, and has since remained front-and-center in public popularity.

Moving like a mad vortex, the cartoon omnivore became as much a metaphor for surly determination as unabashed gluttony, with an added soft spot for music of any kind.

While a Tasmanian Devil tattoo may not seem like the most flattering choice for eternal tattoo art, a closer look proves just the opposite. The insatiable Taz, for all his forces of temper and appetite–to say nothing of his sputtering, often indecipherable dialogue–is the true essence of the beast (and man) who knows exactly what he wants, when he wants it, and woe to the one who stands in his way.

Tasmanian Devil tattoos, in appropriate correlation to the character’s frenzical shape-shifting nature, come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Inked in the vibrant hues of the Looney Tunes palette as well as dramatic black and white, the Tasmanian Devil stands out in any tattoo capacity. Worn large or small on the shoulder, arm, calf, or neck, Taz is a bold introduction for the man who blazes his own trail through life, unapologetic about his gregarious gusto and dancing to the beat of, well, any kind of music that moves him!

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