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40 Telescope Tattoos For Men

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Telescopes are always pointed away from their user toward the “beyond,” making them inspirational symbols of adventure and curiosity. Telescope tattoos are also ideal for those who don’t take a second look backwards, moving continually toward the next courageous exploit.

We generally think of one of two kinds of telescopes: the old-fashioned spyglass that accompanied the most seasoned of pirates, or the high-tech telescope that astronomers use to study space.

A telescope tattoo can capture the essence of either of these two kinds of telescopes, so choosing which one is more influential in your worldview is primordial. If you’re a steampunk-addicted, rhum-loving kind of guy, the spyglass telescope will probably fit your style more, but if you’re a modern, science-nerd kind of guy, a modern astronomy telescope is probably much more up your alley.

As with any kind of tattoo, the spectrum of telescope tattoos is inexhaustible. From hyper-realistic styles to minimalistic line work representations, the telescope can be represented in any kind of tattoo style that suits your aesthetic pleasure.

Finally, while arms are the most common placement for these tattoo designs because of their similar dimensions, you might choose to keep your telescope closer to your heart, or you might decide to capitalize on the ankle trend with your telescope.

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