Tattoos For Men: 40 Traditional Mountain Tattoos For Men

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40 Traditional Mountain Tattoos For Men

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A traditional mountain tattoo can also symbolize a lot of different things. They can simply be a love of nature, the outdoors, and the splendor of these majestic heights.

Perhaps, to you, mountains represent a giant obstacle or feat you have overcome, or are still being faced with. Either way, they can be a beautiful piece of art.

While mountains are, of course, quite large, they can easily convey their massive size in a small area. Don’t assume a mountain needs to take up your entire back or chest. A mountain makes a great tattoo for wrists or arms as well. They can still appear strong even in the smallest replicas.

A key part of a mountain tattoo is the landscape. They can appear looming and treacherous surrounded by dark skies and covered in ominous trees. Or, they can be endearing if they are sprinkled with sunlight and stand behind a bustling creek. Avid skier or just all around adrenaline junkie? You definitely want your mountains to be snow-capped and covered in evergreens. Of course, mountains can easily stand alone as well. A simple black and white outline can still get your message across.

Framing is a popular choice for a traditional mountain design. If you choose to include a landscape around your range, it can be difficult to decide where to end it. Plus, you want to make sure you still have plenty of canvas if another great idea strikes you. So, oftentimes, people will frame their tattoo with a circle or rectangle, almost making a photograph and framed art of their mountain tattoo.

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