Tattoos For Men: 40 Tree Leg Tattoos For Men

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40 Tree Leg Tattoos For Men

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Just as every tree’s roots go much deeper than the eye can see, so to do your own.

Wherever your roots lie, your legs have no doubt taken you over vast stretches of time and place.

Unlike the tree, however, your roots are movable, and bound to no designated place. A tree tattoo is a powerful reminder of the roots we honor–spiritually, emotionally, historically–and, when worn on the calf, an addendum for the wanderer who is never far from home, wherever he roams.

The tree’s symbolism is as ancient as it is timeless, spanning many cultures and continents, and reflecting what man has honored throughout his existence. Your tree leg tattoo is the testament of all that has forged you, and all that you possess no matter where you venture. Visually dramatic and stirringly poetic, a tree tattoo is the perfect traveling companion and personal signature.

The Druids believed that trees were the doorways into other realms, while Christianity reminds us of the tree of life from which we were all borne–what does your tree tattoo mean to you? What’s more, who is lucky enough to earn your confidence and discover just how deep those roots go?

Whether you opt for elegant black & white outlines or a piece of vibrant color, your tree tattoo will see you through the darkest of nights and most glorious of days alike. Home is where you make it, and your roots are rock solid no matter where your legs take you.

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