Tattoos For Men: 40 Tribal Bull Tattoos For Men

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40 Tribal Bull Tattoos For Men

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Due to its symbolic virility, force, and unyielding temperament, the bull has long held an iconic place among various cultures around the world.

Ancient Greek, Mesopotamian, Roman, and Egyptian civilizations all revered the bull as sacred to sacrificial offerings, while the Celts and Druids regarded it as a powerful aid in fertility, tribal protection, and wealth.

In astrology the sign of Taurus is depicted as the bull, with noteworthy characteristics including pride, stubbornness, dependability, and creature comforts. Many Taureans will proudly wear their zodiac simple as a tattoo, a sign that they are not so easily swayed in their opinions and values.

Because of its stubborn nature and persistence (ever heard the term “bull-headed?”) the bull often factors into tattoo art as an accompanying totem for the wearer. The man who favors the bull is something like the bull itself: loyal, powerful, and driven by the lusts and luxuries that make life worth savoring.

The tribal bull tattoo can be a complex and multi-colored tribute spanning a significant space of flesh, or be a simple black outline studding a wrist, arm, or shoulder. However you choose to wear it, the world better stand back.

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