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40 TV Tattoos For Men

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Few technological devices compare to the history-changing TV. All things considered, one could almost divide time into two factions: Before Television and After Television.

And in terms of popular art, it certainly doesn’t hurt that the TV has come in every conceivable color, style, and era-specific design.

Is it any wonder there are entire museums dedicated to the television set?

A TV tattoo runs the full gamut of retro to uber modern, with just as many correlating meanings and references. You may be a bit of a Mike Teevee yourself, as addicted to television as the infamous Willy Wonka character, so it’s only natural you would want to commit your obsession to the flesh. Perhaps you’re drawn to the space age designs of television sets from the 1950’s and 1960’s, and a similar tattoo compliments your vintage aesthetic.

The TV was society’s first window into the wider world, a formerly inconceivable introduction to multiple trends, events, and figures. Families allotted specific time blocks to gathering around the television set, and even now we savor our evenings at home curled up in front of the screen. A TV tattoo acknowledges a moment in 20th century history that turned the tables for good–and set an appliance on top that would become an essential aspect of modern life.

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