Tattoos For Men: 40 Twin Peaks Tattoos For Men

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40 Twin Peaks Tattoos For Men

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Inspired by the show that exposed the darker side of idyllic small town Americana, a Twin Peaks tattoo denotes the ultimate wink-and-nod to David Lynch’s pop culture phenomenon.

Known for its murky dreamscapes, murderous liasons, and memorable dialogue, no one and nothing is safe in the town of Twin Peaks.

From the watery grave of Laura Palmer to a piping hot coffee & pie motif, no Twin Peaks reference is too small to earn a place in your walking tattoo arsenal. Fervent followers of the series have incorporated surrealistic montages featuring the figure of Agent Cooper set against the backdrop of Washington’s foreboding mountain range and seductive bombshell-ingenue Audrey encased in the Black Lodge’s signature dark red curtain, to name only a few of the show’s most iconic references.

The series’ cult appeal is no doubt due in part to our deepest fears meeting our most dazzling fantasies, then brought to life in a style that only David Lynch could curate. Sporting a tribute to Twin Peaks in the flesh is the ultimate acknowledgement that humans–just like the owls–are not what they seem.

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