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40 Vegeta Tattoos For Men

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Dragon Ball has had a long history, and one of the most hated and beloved characters in the series is Vegeta. This being was born for greatness. Vegeta is of royal blood and was meant to be the king of his world, but it was destroyed.

The show introduces Vegeta as a villain. He was a ruthless character, which some people love.

Those who love this version of the character usually stick to his Saiyan uniform when they get the tattoo.

Others like Vegeta when his heart softens, and he begins to grow a fondness for the earth. Many people use the small changes he exhibits when this alien begins to adapt to this planet. Those variations include a regular tank top. At this point, the tattoo is probably exhibiting his internal battle with his former ruthless self.

Some use Vegeta’s family life when he finally begins to raise a family on earth with Bulma. Vegeta will always be revered as a reluctant hero with a troubled past. He will always be known as a defender of earth, not to mention his dry sense of humor.

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