Tattoos For Men: 50 Badass Cross Tattoos For Men


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50 Badass Cross Tattoos For Men

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A tattoo is the ultimate form of art. No other art piece blends the essence of a person with the body seamlessly.

Everyone knows what the cross can symbolize.

For most people, it symbolizes faith, and faith has been known to move mountains, but does the cross have to be so bland all the time? No, it does not, and you can break the mold with a badass cross tattoo.

What you have to remember is that Jesus died to save the whole world. The cross should show this to the world, and the only way to do that is to make the tattoo badass.

There are many ways to make the tattoo of the cross a little cooler. For one, you can change the material of the cross. Instead of sticking with wood like everyone else, why not change it up, and opt for a 3D cross to give it a grunge-like effect?

You can also add some effects around the cross, like fire since everyone knows that God is an all-consuming fire.

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