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50 Breaking Bad Tattoos For Men

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Breaking Bad was more than a show; it was an attitude. The premise of throwing caution to the wind and doing whatever it took to take care of his family, no matter the cost, made Walter White an anti-hero adored by millions.

Not surprisingly, the show inspired tattoo lovers to mark their loyalty to the chaotic but endearing storyline.

There are plenty of creative ways to incorporate a Breaking Bad theme into a tattoo. Obviously, a lot of Breaking Bad tattoos feature portraits of Walter White. In some cases, the portrait is the entire tattoo, and the details are as lovingly placed by the artist as they would be if they were tattooing a memorial piece honoring a client’s grandmother.

Other popular choices include chemistry beakers, the show’s logo, or quotes from a favorite character. Quotes such as “say my name” and “tread lightly” are associated with the show, and could work well as part of a Breaking Bad tattoo. The phrase “no half-measures” is another widely recognized homage to the Breaking Bad series. One of the show’s stars, Aaron Paul, has the quote inked on his upper arm.

The color blue is an obvious choice to incorporate in Breaking Bad tattoos, but they can look equally polished in black and grey.

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