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50 Corn Tattoos For Men

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Rolling fields of yellow and gold are synonymous with American life, with wheat and corn representing the grains of our nation’s labor.

The mighty corn stalk is a symbol of American triumph over adversity, of perseverance over the unfathomable, and the celebration of a fruitful life. —or, you could just be a fan of Children of the Corn.

Regardless of your reasons, a corn tattoo is at once universally recognizable and poignantly personal. Perhaps you long for a childhood home or dream abode, to return to your roots and the rich earth. Perhaps the corn stalk is symbolic of a film or food dish, or, in the case of cinema popcorn, both. Or maybe you just wish to honor the unnamed men and women who built America as we know it with their bare hands, and deserve to remembered in ink.

Your corn tattoo stands for all that you love and believe in, regardless of the source. In bright yellow hues or classic black and white, your corn tattoo speaks clearly of the man of you are and the man you wish to uphold.

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