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50 Fly Tattoos For Men

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While flies are generally considered to be one of the most annoying insects and their presence is associated with filth, death, and decay, fly tattoos can actually carry a much more profound meaning.

If you identify with themes like perseverance and business acumen, the fly might be the tattoo for you.

The main reason that we associate flies with death and decay is that this is their symbolism in the Bible. They are also generally found in places that have death because of their work as decomposers in the general ecosystem. However, think about it like this: flies are born from death and decay. This is why flies can be the ultimate symbols of perseverance, and for many, there is power to be found in rising from something that is decaying or dying.

Furthermore, flies possess a certain opportunistic function in ecology by taking advantage of normally depressing situations; this is a reason that they represent good business acumen.

Fly tattoos are not for everyone, especially if you decide to go for a more realistic art style. However, flies can be adopted into a variety of styles, ranging from simple, cartoonish lines to anatomical diagrams. The size range of a fly tattoo can vary as well as the color scheme and placement. For a more optimistic vision of a fly tattoo, opt for bright colors, as if these colors are being reflected off of the fly. For the more traditional, pessimistic view of the fly, go instead for simple black and white.

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