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50 Gears Of War Tattoos For Men

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Gears of War tattoos are a popular choice for guys who love gaming almost as much as they love getting fresh ink. Tattoos are deeply embedded in Gears of War culture, with not just fans but the actual game characters sporting ink.

Possible Gears of War piece ideas include the Crimson Omen, which should ideally be inked in red, with black used to show texture, definition and negative space. The Crimson Omen features a slightly tilted skull in the foreground, with a cog set just behind it. This tattoo would look especially cool with a ripped skin effect or done in trash polka style.

Another popular Gears of War style includes the highly recognizable skull and dual lancer symbol. This could be done in black and gray, but would also look good with a blue-steel metallic effect.

Some GOW fans might also like the idea of a Skorge tattoo to represent their love of the game. Skorge is a dark, evil character who wears armor and a helmet, all of which lends itself well to a heavy-handed black and gray rendering. A bold outline and careful shading will make this Gears character stand out.

No matter the exact subject matter, from a simple cog to a full sleeve depicting a battle scene, it’s hard to go wrong with a Gears of War themed piece.

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