Tattoos For Men: 50 Geometric Heart Tattoos For Men

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50 Geometric Heart Tattoos For Men

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A geometric heart tattoo can be the pinnacle of artistry when it comes to ink. The precise lines and perfect symmetry of the heart; in addition to its placement, usually illustrates a perfect balance between mind and body and makes a bold stylistic statement.

Physically, the heart is the organ which orchestrates many of the body’s integral processes.

Symbolically, on the other hand, geometric hearts have profound meanings in almost every cultural. First and foremost, a geometric heart tattoo has deep-rooted religious in Christianity ties as either the kingdom or a representation of God. In Chinese mythology the heart is considered the spirit’s home and in Hinduism the heart is the house of Brahma: the creator god. In Buddhism the heart depicts the perfection of the cosmos and conveys spiritual devotion.

A geometric heart tattoo can oftentimes also portray a wide variety of values such as empathy, compassion, goodness, purity and love. Moreover, the color of the heart or additions to it (such as a frame, arrows, moths…etc) can further allow you to customize your tattoo and imbue it with more meaning.

In the past, a geometric heart tattoo was limited to being “feminine” ink. Nowadays though more and more men are embracing the trend as a personal representation of morals, ethics, emotion and character.

There is perhaps no tattoo that represents a paradoxical dual nature better than a geometric bear tattoo. With its dangerous snarl and its awe-inspiring body, a bear can symbolize both strength and playfulness simultaneously and with the addition of geometry, it can also imply balance and stability.

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