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50 Ghost Rider Tattoos For Men

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The favorite bad-boy among fans of Marvel Comics, Ghost Rider is a loose-cannon superhero with a big personality. Not your typical clean-cut hero, Ghost Rider plays by his own rules and wrestles with his own unique demons.

For Marvel fans, Ghost Rider is a beloved creation.

A daring stunt motorcyclist, Johnny Blaze gets the surprise of his life when he bargains with Satan to save his father’s life. At night and around the presence of evil, Johnny’s body and skull erupts into flaming hellfire, allowing him to send blasts of flames at his enemies.

Throughout the series, Ghost Rider fights bad guys his own way, and he never quite becomes a gleaming beacon of morality himself, even though his intentions are good.

Ghost Rider tattoos are a clear choice for ardent fans of Marvel in general. He is a unique superhero with incredible superpowers and macho appearance. Ghost Rider would be an incredible piece if detailed correctly, from his flaming skull to his outlaw motorcycle, there’s a lot to Ghost Rider’s image as a superhero.

Additionally, Ghost Rider is one of the few superheros who sometimes may seem just as evil as he is good. Literally bonded to his “inner demon” Ghost Rider co-exists with Zarathos, a demon who has been mythically binded to him. Perhaps for a well-meaning man who battles his own demons, A Ghost Rider tattoo conveys a shocking image of a man on a mission.

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