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50 Headphones Tattoos For Men

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Music is man’s oldest form of expression, and arguably the one trend that shows no signs of slowing down or losing relevance.

Music is what moves us, body and soul, and no matter where your tastes fall on the spectrum or what part of the world you reside in, we’re all zoning out under our headphones.

It’s no wonder DJs, musicians, and musical enthusiasts alike have taken up the tattoo emblem of headphones to show their devotion.

There are as many headphone tattoo designs as there are music genres, and you’ll have no trouble finding or designing the motif that fits your personal m.o. From sleek and sophisticated modern pieces to vintage retro headsets, headphone tattoos, like music itself, are made to fit your true form and function. Some prefer to ink their headphones against a backdrop of musical scoring or a favorite band, while others even depict a skull or personal likeness donning the headphones. Particularly unique designs feature a pair of headphones being “plugged in” where the heart is, with inked sparks flying.

Just as you move to your own beat and rhythm, your headphones are an extension of who you are at your core. A life without tunes is pretty bloody bleak, and your tattoo lets the world know that even where it’s silent you’ll always hear the music.

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