Tattoos For Men: 50 Japanese Temple Tattoos For Men

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50 Japanese Temple Tattoos For Men

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Japanese architecture is some of the most recognizable and artistic in the world, and they make excellent tattoos for their detailed design and incredible coloration.

Traditional Japanese tattoos were once completely illegal following the events of World War II, and during that time an explosion of criminal tattoos created the foundation for the modern Japanese tattoo style.

Japanese temples were a popular choice when the style was first forming since so many Japanese men and women felt the deep spiritual connection with such places.

Temples are generally meant to represent spiritual awakening, emotional growth, and an interconnectedness with nature. When these tattoos are created with a Japanese undertone, they draw new responses from those who view them. The facade is one that instantly elicits a respect for nature and the power of man simultaneously. Such representations are often sought by those who want to showcase their own spiritual respect for nature and their own physical form.

Your body is a tapestry and a temple in its own right, and Japanese temple tattoos show the connection between the respect for yourself and the respect you feel for the world beyond your own skin.

Of all the Japanese styles and designs, temples are one of the most revered, not only for their astonishing detail and their impressive symbolism, but for their inherent reverence for spirituality and nature.

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