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50 Kite Tattoos For Men

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Men are not always drawn to kite tattoos. How many have honestly flown one? Because of their whimsical nature, men tend to choose more grounded, aesthetically “masculine” art.

But what of the guys who can’t seem to keep their feet planted?

Historically, men have traveled the world over, spreading stories and messages, flying over land and sea, and even reaching for the stars in space. Flights of fancy have given humanity some of the greatest penned words. It is in this vein that the kite follows the ever-changing winds.

Many artists depict kite tattoos with exceedingly little line work, at times requiring no outline at all. The simple toy brings to mind windy days on the beach, a pastime shared with family, and childlike wonder at discovering how to make it whip in the air. A bevvy of colors can aid the portrayal of a specific memory, a lost dream, or an emblem of a loved one. Kites are often shown as being flown by a person, but may be more profound as standalone pieces.

For some, kites represent a lack of control. No matter how hard the string is pulled, the frail-framed sheet may suffer gravely at the mercy of the wind.

A kite on the body is a way to step apart from the workaday, and to recall the effortless joys of life.

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