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50 Lineman Tattoos For Men

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Let’s face it, being a lineman is a dangerous job. Because of this, linemen create a brotherhood amongst themselves. It is through this brotherhood that the pride of being a lineman is developed.

If you are proud of your profession, you may consider getting it tattooed on your body.

This will show people that you love what you do and you’re proud to share that. You may choose to do a simple man up on the line, or you can be more creative about it. To add to the danger and intrigue, perhaps you will include a skull or grim reaper or even some electrical bolts as well. If you are a member of the union, you may want to include your union crest or number as well. Lineman tattoos also make good memorial tattoos for fallen brothers who have died on the job.

A lineman tattoo is perfect for a black and grey ink style, or you may decide to include color. Just consider the classic silhouette of a power line in the distance. It would be appropriate for a small piece or even incorporated into a sleeve. There are so many options for lineman tattoos that your only limit is that of your creativity.

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