Tattoos For Men: 50 Pitbull Tattoos For Men

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50 Pitbull Tattoos For Men

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Pitbulls are truly a man’s best friend. Renowned for their everlasting loyalty, devotion, and soulful eyes, the pitbull is the iconic symbol of the love between man and dog.

A pitbull dog tattoo will show off a man’s tough side, while hinting at his secret heart of gold.

Pitbulls were originally bred as fighting dogs by mixing bulldog and terrier breeds, but are now famous for their deep and lasting relationships with their owners. They will be the first to step up and defend valiantly if their owner is in harm’s way, but will also be the perfect companion and will love and care for everyone in the family. Having this uncommon mixture of fierce and tender qualities is what makes pitbulls exceptional canines.

Known for their stocky figures and strong haunches, a pitbull tattoo can focus on the chiseled and unique musculature of the pitbull. However, what makes pitbulls special are their uniquely expressive faces and wide skulls. A talented tattoo artist will capture the deep and soulful expression on a pitbull’s face, and will create a tattoo that will captivate and melt the heart of any pitbull admirer.

At the same time, pitbulls are known for being fierce, relentless, and brave fighters. Of course, these dog tattoos can also highlight the battle prowess of these animals and embody their noble warrior-like qualities. Pitbull tattoos can express this fighting spirit and show the unbreakable will of the tattoo bearer. One of the most memorable designs, the pitbull tattoo will send a powerful message of strength and resilience.

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