Tattoos For Men: 50 Simple Traditional Tattoos For Men

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50 Simple Traditional Tattoos For Men

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Revere the legends of the past with a simple traditional tattoo. Embrace your heritage with these glimpses into our ancestors’ inner selves.

What we call simple is actually complex in form.

To create a simple traditional tattoo is to draw upon history and use facts as inspiration for a new piece. The style of this dernier cri tattoo utilizes a bold black outline and a generally limited use of pigment. Primary colors are imprints on the skin, reminding man of timeless fables and different eras.

Simple traditional tattoos cross borders and are boundless in their artistic expression. Travel the torrid seas with a nautical compass. Welcome the God’s, Horus and Ra, with Egyptian eyes or the symbol of life called the Ankh. Unleash the deep roots of American culture with a bald eagle or bear. Weave the knot of celtic heritage with a cross or hammer to forge a serendipitous destiny.

The imagination is limitless with potential for these epic tattoos, for they all are deeper than what meets the eye. Masculine and prolific in style, these simple traditional tattoos are anything but ordinary. Conjure wild intelligence and artistry for some seriously smooth ink that offers traditional ingenuity at it’s finest. Simple traditional tattoos are the arsenal for tattoo aficionados across the globe. Make traditional ink your ultimate statement.

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