July 1, 2020

Tattoos For Men: 50 Small Compass Tattoos For Men

Tattoos For Men

50 Small Compass Tattoos For Men

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Sometimes our guiding tools go undetected at first; as we pursue the path ahead we’re only aware of the faintest implement, an inner compass so small and seemingly insignificant that it can take many years to acknowledge at last.

Once we discover that compass, however, it never goes forgotten again. We look to that compass daily, and in return it never leads us astray, and certainly not without a purpose.

A smaller compass tattoo is the perfect way to remind yourself of the strength and clarity with which your own navigational needle operates. It may not always make its presence clear, and others may overlook it altogether, but you will always know it’s there. Often inked in a discreet place–a wrist, ankle, or inner arm–the small compass tattoo is, in many ways, for your eyes only.

Few of us can predict what the future holds, nor prepare for what lies ahead. The discrete compass tattoo is more than just mere ornamentation, it is your personal totem, and one of indispensable beauty at that.

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