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50 Traditional Eye Tattoos For Men

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They say that if you sit down and stare into the eyes of a stranger for four minutes that you will fall in love with them. Eyes are the windows to the soul and they carry heavy symbolism along with them.

Eyes are the most delicate sensory organ. And although they are physically sensitive, it is the most active sense of the human body always scouring for the truth.

Because nothing can hide from the all seeing eye, it represents a moral compass. After all, when people know that they are being watched, they often behave on their best terms. Those with an eye tattooed upon the may remind themselves to do the right thing even when nobody’s looking.

Humans gain an incredible amount of information from each other looking at eyes. Some say you can see right into somebody’s mind through their eyes, exposing their intelligence and telling a story. The eyes symbolizes human enlightened intelligence.

Eyes represent honesty. It’s easier to lie under the protection of sunglasses, but looking somebody in the eye often brings out the truth. A traditional tattooed eye can symbolize the unending search for authenticity.

The eye is drenched in spiritual symbolism as well. The windows to the soul let you peer into the eternal being of another, recognizing them as an enlightened being.

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