Tattoos For Men: 50 Traditional Flower Tattoos For Men

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50 Traditional Flower Tattoos For Men

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Feminine, beautiful and fragrant, flower tattoos have long been the purview of the fairer sex. Yet men are now opening up their hearts and minds to the idea of adorning their own bodies with traditional flower tattoos.

Men who are drawn to the idea of flower tattoos embody a variety of characteristics.

For example, the classic lotus tattoo. Men who identify themselves as being enlightened choose to represent this otherworldly feeling with the eight-petaled lotus flower. While some choose to keep all of the petals in one color, others opt for a multi-hued lotus, with each petal representing different values such as love and purity.

Those who appreciate the Japanese arts often find flowers intertwined with traditional Japanese characters. The juxtaposition of delicate cherry blossoms blooming on the strong masculine form can create a whirlwood of emotions. In Chinese culture, the chyrsanthemum is given to friends and family during periods of best wishes and congratulations. Thus, you may wish to use this flower to represent certain accomplishments on your own life path.

Not all flower tattoos need to be in color to showcase their strength. The power of a rose can be felt in a vivid blood red hue, but also in a subtle shaded melange of grays, perhaps to represent the loss of someone you loved.

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